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Divorce in Atlanta

“Who would have expected it! What was meant to be a straight forward splitting up with no property or custody battles turned into a 2 year ordeal at the hands of my ex and her team of litigious angry shysters. Through it all, Deborah was the wise advisor, the voice of reason, an honest and [...]

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Child Support and Custody Attorney in Atlanta

“Deborah, I have been extremely satisfied with the legal representation you have given me over the years. Seven years ago, you were referred to me by a client of yours. Agreeing to work with you was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Your knowledge of the system and inner workings of the [...]

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Contested Divorce in Atlanta

“Ms. Lubin has assisted me for over 13 years in divorce and child support issues. She is an extremely professional attorney and is also trustworthy and very knowledgeable in this field of law. She is prompt in her responses and cares about me as a client. I have highly recommended Ms. Lubin to others who [...]

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Child Support Modification in Atlanta

“In April 2006, I had the good fortune of finding and hiring Deborah Lubin to represent me in a child support modification case. What made Deborah prevail in my case was her total and complete understanding of my situation and the facts of the case. Her courtroom presence was excellent, and her obvious knowledge of [...]

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Family Law Resolution in Atlanta

“I would recommend Deborah Lubin without reservation for any matter involving family law in Georgia. She is a forceful advocate who is thoroughly knowledgeable on both the law and the workings of the legal system. In my recent child support case, she did an extraordinary job in determining strategy, and then making sure that every [...]

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Child Custody Attorney in Atlanta

“Deborah I am so very grateful that you were recommended to me and  that you agreed to be my attorney. I am a father who was seeking custody  of my three year old daughter and a divorce from my wife. My case was  complicated. In addition to all the normal issues regarding divorce and  custody, [...]

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Joint Child Custody Mediation in Atlanta

“In the middle of 2009, I filed on my own for joint custody of my 2 young children. I went to court the first time by myself, and came out with a temporary order that allowed me to see my children even LESS than when I first filed my motion. At that point, I realized [...]

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