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Joint Child Custody Mediation in Atlanta

“In the middle of 2009, I filed on my own for joint custody of my 2 young children. I went to court the first time by myself, and came out with a temporary order that allowed me to see my children even LESS than when I first filed my motion. At that point, I realized that I needed a really good attorney to work with me. My children were, and still are, the most important priority in my life.

I was referred to Deborah Lubin through a friend. After explaining details of my case, Deborah agreed to work with me towards a successful resolution. My case was complex: it involved a Guardian Ad Litem and non-trivial psychological issues. I believe it required special training on personality disorders. At the onset, Deborah made me comfortable that she understood my situation and would be supportive, despite the sometimes irrational events forced upon me and my children.

Throughout the process, Deborah was very effective in guiding our strategy and at executing it. She was aware of my strong interest in finding a conciliatory solution within my budget. The next two meetings in court proved Deborah’s abilities in extracting the best we could get from the process and managing my expectations and delivery. After a 7 month mediation process, we were able to resolve my family’s situation – without going to trial. I ended up with joint legal and primary physical custody of my children. It was the best possible outcome for the children and for me certainly. My children get to see both parents often. We are all less threatened by irrational events that still sometimes permeate our lives, and a year later, the children have adapted well to this rhythm of parenting.

Deborah also introduced me to great people in town for family law, including a wonderful counselor. The “Collaborative Process” was not available to me due to psychological issues present in my case, yet through Deborah’s explanation I gained appreciation for it. I have no doubt she really tries to steer her clients towards avoiding lengthy trial and high expenses. I recommend Deborah very highly as an effective family law attorney with experience in handling cases involving personality disorders.” -F.B.-

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